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The Maker Session™ Summer Recap Part II

So glad you are back for Part II!! Read Part I here.

I wanted the ladies to try the Crossover II at the event. It truly is an amazing machine, cuts through felt and thicker media like butter with little effort. I used the Crossover II to cut the flowers used in the planner band Make N Take. I used Tammy Tutterow's Succulent Fab Die to use as flowers. I also used Pink and Main's Mum flower die. When Crafter's Edge reached out to sponsor the Best Brown Package Ever, I never imagined they would also offer a Crossover II. I was truly floored!

I usually don't play games at my events, but I made an exception. The rules were simple:
  1. Participation was optional.
  2. If they physically couldn't do it, they could have a friend do it for them.
  3. I would photograph and take video
  4. They had 3 tries
  5. They would get 1 ticket for a chance to win the Crossover II
  6. They had to hula hoop
  7. No laughing. (bawhahaha)
  8. While wearing panda eyes!!

I honestly thought only a handful would participate, BUT oh boy was I wrong! Now about rule number 7, I am surprised I snapped as many photos as I did! I was in tears laughing!! They were the cutest hula hooping pandas EVER!

This cute hula hoopin' panda is looking right at the camera!! Bawhahaha!
But wait did "so very chic" already hula? Well remember rule number 2? If they physically couldn't do it, they could have a friend do it for them. So she hula for someone else.

They each got a raffle ticket and a ticket was drawn......the winner was ........

And look at that SMILE!!!!!

That was too much fun!!! Thank you ladies for attending and participating in the Hula Hoopin' Panda game!!
Thank you Crafter's Edge for sponsoring the swag bags and for the amazing giveaway!!

If you are interested in purchasing the Crossover II, Crafter's Edge has extended their 30% sale through September!! No Hula Hoopin' Panda game! The discount code will automatically be applied when you add the item to your cart.

Do you want to see the Hula Hoopin' Pandas on video? Follow The Maker Session™ on Instagram or Facebook to watch.