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Chocolate Pan Dulce Maker Mix

Chocolate Pan Dulce Maker Mix

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Put a playful twist on your cards with our Chocolate Pan Dulce Mix! These Mexican-inspired delights combine rich chocolate chips with shiny gold hearts for a delicious and quirky addition to any shaker card. Use them in your shakers or glue them onto your crafts for a touch of sweetness!

Each pack contains 2 tablespoons

¡Dale un toque divertido a tus tarjetas con nuestra mezcla de chocolate Pan Dulce! Estas delicias de inspiración mexicana combinan ricas chispas de chocolate con brillantes corazones dorados para una adición deliciosa y peculiar a cualquier tarjeta shaker. ¡Úsalos directamente a tus manualidades para darle un toque de dulzura!

This product is not appropriate for young children, as its small pieces may pose a choking risk. These are NOT edible and are only meant for crafting.

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