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Splatter & Drip Kit

Splatter & Drip Kit

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We strive to bring tools that make it easy for you to create.
Our Splatter & Drip Kit contains 2 Fan Brushes for spot on paint/ink splatters. Use the "drumstick technique" to get perfect imperfect splatters and drips!
The Brush Tray Holder keeps your inky brushes in place as you create. The holder has two cavities to mix your favorite acrylic paints.
Mix it up! Use the reusable Silicone Stir Stick to mix your favorite acrylic paints. It's silicone so clean up is a breeze.

Kit Includes:
2 fan brushes, approx. 6 1/2" long, bristle height 3/4"
1 Brush Tray Holder,  approx. 4" x 2 3/4"
1 stir stick, approx. 4"

Please note, when ordering, the choice of color only applies to the Brush Tray Holder, the Silicone Stir Stick is a random color and the Fan Brushes are purple.

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