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Pinwheel Doily Die

Pinwheel Doily Die

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Pieces: 2

Approximate Size:
4.875" x 4.875" (123mm x 123mm)

This is a Pinwheel doily with an Angel Wing. The Angel Wing offers a color background for contrast. This die also imitates a windmill. Look closely for a 3-D effect! 

Angel Wings dies are a economical die that allows you to a make a full sized backer for your doily. You can use it several ways:
1. Fold paper and align the straight edge of the Angel Wing to the edge of the fold, tape down and cut. Open up the die cut for a full sized backer.

2. To avoid fold lines, cut one half of the shape, turn paper over and align with the first die cut to make a full size, seamless die cut.

3. Angel Wing die cuts can also be embossed by taping the die cut to the full sized die and using a rubber embossing pad on top of the paper to emboss. 
4. Angel Wing dies can be used to make a 3D die cut by cutting one half of the shape and intentionally separating the second cut to make a 3D graphic anywhere on a card.

Made in America

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