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Rubber Stamping Block - Pink

Rubber Stamping Block - Pink

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Explore the magic of reverse stamping with the help of our smooth rubber block! This versatile technique allows you to achieve a beautifully mirrored image, perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your projects. Not only does it offer new possibilities for your stamp collection, but it also allows for unique positioning. Try it out and see the magic for yourself!

To achieve the best positioning for your image on a project, try orienting it to the left rather than the right. This method is commonly utilized in creating a scene where two images face each other or are separated, often featuring stamps with animals or people. Another imaginative possibility is to stamp the image and then reflect it in water, a window, or a mirror.

Package includes 1 rubber stamping block.
Approximate Size: 6" x 4" x 0.31"
Material: Made of high quality rubber.
Usage: Achieve a stamped image that is actually the reverse, mirror image, or reflection of the original.
Carvable block, use to the transfer of inkjet printer, clip art and newspapers.

TIP: Use a kraft knife and steel ruler to cut to your preferred size.

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